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Certification ProcessThe CVB is responsible for the certification of DO Bairrada and IG Beira Atlântico products.

All those who intend to sell wine products entitled to the Denomination of Origin (DO Bairrada) and/or Geographical Indication (IG Beira Atlântico) must have their products certified by competent entity, that is, the Comissão Vitivinícola da Bairrada (CVB).

Certifiable product categories:

  • White wine;
  • Pink or Rosé wine;
  • Red wine;
  • Liqueur wine;
  • Sparkling wine;
  • Bagaceira brandy;
  • Wine brandy.
Certification Process
ProcessThe certification process used at CVB respects the NP EM ISO/IEC 17065:2014 standard.

The certification of DO Bairrada and IG Beira Atlântico products implies the following requirements:

  • Approval of the vineyard register (areas and grape varieties);
  • Harvest and production declaration in conformity;
  • Creation of a current account;
  • Approval of the wine product to be certified by the physico-chemical analysis laboratory;
  • Approval of the wine product to be certified by the sensory analysis laboratory (tasters' chamber);
  • Physico-chemical and sensory evaluation;
  • Labeling.

Certified products directory

CertificationThe CVB presents a chamber of tasters.

During the viticultural year, wine samples are taken from each vessel and submitted to analysis and tasting by the Bairrada tasters' chamber, with a specific chamber for sparkling wines. The CVB chamber of tasters sensory analyzes the candidate products for authorization for bottling DO Bairrada and with the right to geographical indication Beira Atlântico.

The tasting session is coordinated by a technician from the CVB, who presents anonymous samples to the selected tasters - usually 5, from a panel of 20 tasters. After being individually tasted, the tasters record the scores and observations for each wine on a tasting sheet available in a computer program. If the wines are not approved, the tasting or rejection chamber is, at the end of the process, sent to the economic agent, together with the analytical bulletin of the sample collected by the CVB at its facilities.

There is also an appeal board for rejected wines - and after the opportunities provided for in the regulation of the chamber of tasters have been exhausted - in which the tasters summoned cannot have been present at the last of the tasting sessions where the wine was rejected.

The Comissão Vitivinícola da Bairrada is also responsible for selling guarantee seals for approved wines, currently existing the Bairrada, Beira Atlântico and Baga Bairrada seals that distinguish and value the products of the region.

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