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StatuesGeographic Indication Beira Atlântico

To obtain the IG Beira Atlântico certification, there are a series of guidelines and rules for the elaboration of red, sparkling, rosé and white wines, such as the viticultural practices, delimited area, among others.

In the case of the grape varieties, one of the important points for this certification, not all of them are authorised and recommended for the production of wines in the IG Beira Atlântico. This indication includes not only the Bairrada DO Bairrada grape varieties, but many others, such as Água Santa and Alvarinho.

Created by Portaria n.º238 - A/2011, of 16th June, and according to the Decreto-Lei n.º 212/2004, of 23rd August and Reg. (CE) n.º 1234/2007 of the Council, of 22nd October, this is the guiding document of the Geographical Indication Beira Atlântico.

See here: Portaria 238A/2011

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