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MissionTo increase the value and notoriety of the protected collective brands DO Bairrada and IG Beira Atlântico.
  • To contribute towards increasing the value and notoriety of the protected collective brands DO Bairrada and IG Beira Atlântico (as well as their sub-regions) on the national and international markets based on their origin and authenticity;
  • To control and certify the products entitled to DO Bairrada and IG Beira Atlântico;
  • Promote and publicise certified products;
  • To promote the better use of production potential by fostering research into and dissemination of methods and instruments aimed at increasing the quality of the products to be certified at all stages of production, winemaking and marketing and which promote the use of sustainable practices.
StatutesThe CVB is ruled by its statutes, elaborated under the terms of Decree-Law No. 212/2004 of 23 August.

The CVB is governed by a series of legal norms that allow it to establish a good organization and functioning of this body.

Approved in November 2022, the statutes are the guiding document of the Comissão Vitivinícola da Bairrada.

Consult them here: Statutes